Chet Kibble Sr.


Chet Kibble Sr. has been in the Environmental field over 35 years and graduated with honors from the EPA's inaugural Environmental Justice Academy. Chet is a Certified Training Manager for State approved lead training programs and has also taught environmental classes at three colleges in Memphis, TN. 

Chet holds Current State Licenses as Lead Project Designer, Asbestos Monitor, and is certified to analyze lead in drinking water. He’s also a contractor licensed in lead, asbestos, plumbing, HVAC, Utility and general construction.  

Along with being a Master Home Environmentalist Chet is Owner of "Environmental Technical Services"  a Lead and RRP Certified firm.   He’s also the Founder of Inform the People, a grassroots community organization.  Click Here for Full Bio

​William B. Hampton


William B. Hampton studied at Tennessee State University and University of Knoxville where he became a Lead Certified Contractor for the State of Tennessee.  He received his General Contractor’s license through the State of Tennessee Board of Contractors. Alone with being a RRP Certified Contractor /Supervisor, William is also EPA, Plumbing, Mechanical Certified and has trained at  EPA's Environmental Justice Academy.  

William is Owner, President and General Manager of “Network Construction Company” a Lead and RRP Certified firm.  The Followings are just a few organizations he has worked and / or held contracts with:  United Housing Inc., Frayser Housing & Community Development, Shelby County Division of Community Development, Shelby County Weatherization, City of Memphis Lead Hazardous Program, United Way, Memphis Light, Gas and Water Division, TVA Energy Smart Solutions, West Tennessee Housing Projects and Get The Lead Out. ​William has been with "Memphis and Shelby County Lead Safe Collaborative" and "Inform the People" for 8 years and is more than qualified to hold the title Community Construction Specialist. 

William will continue to pair his training, knowledge and experience to achieve  the"4 A's": Articulate, Advocate, Address & Accomplish, while addressing Memphis communities concerns and goals.   Click here for Full Bi

Melanie Scott


Melanie Scott is the Chief Officer of Finance & Operations for the Memphis & Shelby County Lead Safe Collaborative's Community Outreach Nutrition Services. Melanie's background in project management and funding along with her deep concern for environmental safety led her to the collaborative when she accepted the position of Project Coordinator for the Memphis & Shelby County Master Home Environmentalist group. During her time as project coordinator, she also began training to assist with assessments as a Master Home Environmentalist

A native of Winstonville, MS, Melanie enjoys spending time with family, traveling and helping those in need. She aspires to complete LeadSmart training performing soil and water lead analysis' to become an asset to all branches of the collaborative. 

April Polk


April Polk holds the several certifications from Tennessee Department of Environment and Conservation (tdec).  She is a licensed supervisor/contractor, lead inspector, and is a qualified community scientist.  April is the owner of "Acute Environmental Services" where she provides superior solutions for all aspects of community environmental health hazards.  Her services includes healthy home inspections, lead hazard inspections, as well as asbestos and lead abatement.  

April is a big believer in environmental hazard awareness.  She has two years of pharmacy training and a homeschool teacher to a child with developmental challenges has taught her the importance of community involvement, proactive care and the negative side effects that environmental and chemical toxins (i.e. lead, “urban” fluoride, aluminum are having on urban communities.  Click Here for Full Bio

Hunt Henion

Communications Coordinator

Hunt Henion has been in the environmental field and with the Memphis & Shelby County Lead Safe Collaborative Inc. four years.  Hunt is a Lead Abatement Supervisor and is certified to analyze lead in drinking water.  As an entrepreneur and published writer, he's well suited to be Communications Coordinator.

Joyce Ann Henderson

Website/Social Media Coordinator & Administrative Assistant

Joyce Ann Henderson is Microsoft Office Certified, trained in Multi Media Graphic Arts Technology, Business Technology Accounting and Property & Casualty Insurance .  She also has Lead Base Paint Inspector training. 

 Joyce is a Community Scientist who’s research lead to the discovery of Shelby County Tennessee Suburban areas using a pharmaceutical grade fluoride while the city of Memphis is using Liquid Fluorosilicic Acid as Fluoride.  She is the Social Media Coordinator and Founder of “Clean Water Matters Memphis” a Facebook group she started in 2015 to educate the community about the hazards of Urban Fluoride. 

 Joyce is convinced more people should become “Community Scientists” and seek out unfavorable environmental conditions that affects both the mental and physical conditions of our communities.

Maxine Thomas-Marsh 

Community Coordinator

Maxine Thomas, is an Educator with a Bachelor’s Degree in Sociology from Lemoyne-Owen College in Memphis TN.  She’s a member of the Alpha Kappa Mu National Honorary Society.  Maxine is best known for being the Co-founder and Coordinator of the Dr. Martin Luther King National Holiday Parade.  She is also a National Staff Member and Coordinator Community Forum of the Commission on religion and Racism (CORR).  Maxine is the Advertising Manager for the “African-American Voice Journal” a Memphis grassroots community newsletter.  She also served on the Election Commission.  As a civil rights worker Maxine raised her fist in many nonviolent protests for the fair treatment of African-Americans. Click here for full Bio

Key contributor

Minister Suhkara Yahweh 

 August 19, 1938 - March 25, 2023

Education: Manassas High school; Lemoyne-Owen College

Career – Civil Rights, April 4, 1968, Political and Social Engineer-40 years

Special training/Certifications: Community Emergency Response Team, Lead training as lead supervisor and inspector. Community scientist level 5.

Created organizations to educate the community on various environmental hazards that existed in our community.  He was also a key member in forming  the Memphis and Shelby County lead Safe collaborative.

He has a long history of working with many civil rights leaders including Martin Luther King Jr., Dick Gregory, Stokley Carmichael just to mention a few, along with participating in many marches such as the one in Arkansas where he was attacked and later received a letter of recognition from Arkansas leadership.  

He was a strong leader in addressing on going environmental concerns experienced by our communities.

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