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Mr Kibble and Ms Maxine at MLGW 11/6/2019 President's Briefing

Take The Fluoride Out Or Turn The Non-Fluoridated Water Fountains Back On.

MLGW, lead safety advocates weigh in after positive lead samples at two dozen Shelby County Schools

“This is a good opportunity to raise awareness about this issue,” Evan Comeaux with the Memphis and Shelby County Lead Safe Collaborative said.

New Tennessee state law

to require schools to test lead levels in water

Memphis City Council Warned About Dangerous Lead Problems In Some Older Homes

Lead Poison Sign Causing Concern In North Memphis Neighborhood

City leaders disputing MLGW claim that Memphis has no issues with water quality

State Senator: Memphis needs more lead testing

After seeing a FOX13 investigation into lead in Memphis, Senator Lee Harris says more testing and sampling needs to be done, especially in areas prong to children.

“We do have to sample more and clarify the laws and expand testing,” Harris told FOX13.

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Lead Awareness in Memphis, Tennessee Update

Update from Chet Kibble, an Environmental Specialist. Listen to him as he informs the citizens of Memphis TN about the dangers of Lead Poisoning on "The Moment of Truth” November 6, 2016.