Get the lead out Memphis

Memphis & Shelby County Lead Safe Collaborative

The Memphis & Shelby County Lead Safe Collaborative Is A Non-Profit Community-Based Organization Seeking To End Lead Poisoning In Memphis. The Collaborative Was Formed In 2008 Under Guidance From The United States Environmental Protection Agency (USEPA) Environmental Justice After Eight Years Of Sounding The Alarm On Lead And Working To Raise Awareness Of How Widespread Lead Poisoning Is In Memphis, TN and The Need For More Action.


To Affect Measurable Reduction In Lead Exposure. 


To See An End To Lead Poisoning In Memphis. 

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Our History 

1.       YouTube video discussing Dr. Herenton and Robert Lipscomb role in bringing lead awareness to Memphis.

2.       Appreciative Inquiry (AI) – EPA discusses the AI process used in Memphis in a presentation in Chicago. Orange Mound was one of the community’s lead was addressed.

3.       MSCLSC partners with Green & Healthy Homes initiative (GHHI) -Training community members to be Master Home Environmentalist and perform various types of inspections in homes of our most needed citizens.

Shelby County Health Department Charts on Lead Poisoning.

1.      Informed & Not informed of being poisoned.

2.       Percentage testing positive

3.       Zip codes most effected.

Health Effects

1.       Poisoned water – video from University of Cincinnati on brain damage.

2.       Findings from long term lead study at University of Cincinnati.

3.       Toxic Neglect – The weight of lead – study on Cleveland Ohio involving School system and teachers’ union.

4.      AT WAR

5.       How lead effects the body

How Children are Exposed

    1.       Sources

Fluoride & Lead

 1.       Civil Rights leaders – concern on exposure to babies

 2.       Roger Masters – Fluoride used in inner cities not tested for safety, synergistic with lead.

 3.       Types of fluoride used in Shelby County.

 4.       Papers from Mayor Loeb requiring city council to install 4 non-fluoridated     fountains in White communities.

 5.       Lots of studies – concerning fluoride on brain damage, relationship to crime and other health issues

Protect Your Family

1.       From paint, dust, soil, and water.

2.       What you can do now.

3.       Renovation, Restoration & Painting (RRP) – It’s the Law

4.       State & Federal Programs

Educational Options

1.       What is IDEA – Individual with disabilities Act

2.       Who is eligible?  (Lead Poisoning Qualifies)

3.       Key – article On Cleveland Ohio School system concerning Lead poisoning and its effect.


1.       Life expectancy – key areas have shorter life expectancy.

2.       Video on lead poisoning awareness. (Chet Sr.)

3.       State Senator more testing – channel 13 -articles.

4.       Shows speaking to MLGW board explaining Chronic lead poisoning & Fluoride concerns

5.       School lead testing results – Memphis

6.       Lead signs in community cause concern

Information and Resources

      1.       How to test your water

2.       Locate lead lines – over 38,000

Meetings and Correspondence with MLGW


The symbol was created to bring awareness to areas that expose citizens to lead paint.